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Hospital Admission For Endometrial Hysterectomy

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As we mentioned in previous articles, endometriosis, growing somewhere else other than the endometrium also reacts to hormonal signals of the monthly menstrual cycle by building up tissue, breaking it, and eliminating it through the menstrual period. Hysterectomy is always the last resort in treating endometriosis for women who have exhausted all treatments without success, or if endometrial tissues have become cancerous, her doctor may suggest some kinds of hysterectomy. If hysterectomy is decided and pre-operative evaluation is completed, the next step is hospital admission in the day of endometrial hysterectomy.

Hospital admission for endometrial hysterectomy is a pre-arranged appointment. Since there are different types of health care systems between US and Canada, hostiptal admission procedures are somewhat different.

I. In US:

Endometrial hysterectomy is always a same day operation. It is for your benefit to arrive at the hospital at least 2 hours before the surgical appointment, because hospital admission may be needed sometimes and there are always important forms to be filled out. You are always asked for your insurance certificate, therefore you should make sure to bring it with you. The forms need to be filled generally are the following:

1. Hospital admission form
2. Your promise to pay for the fee that is not covered by your insurance company.
3. Consent form and the list of potential complications. It is for your best interest to read the fine print carefully and provide your surgical team the information as much detailed as you can.
4. It is always possible a nurse may ask you the same questions again, please be patient and answer the questions as detailed as you can.
5. You will also be asked what you have done in your part of preparation.
7. You will meet with your anesthesiologist again. This time he or she will tell you the type of anesthesia to be used.
8. You will be introduced to the resident doctor or other doctors and team members who will assist your gynecologist in the operation room.
If you have any questions since last evaluation you will be given sometime to ask, please make it short because another operation is waiting to use the surgical room.

II. In Canada:

The day and time of surgery are also pre-arranged and you are also required to come to the hospital at least one hour early because there are forms to be filled. You are always asked to provide your provincial health care number and one piece of photo identification. Please make sure to carry them with you. The forms you must complete are the following:

1. The hospital admission form which you provide your name, address, health care number, your family doctor, and anyone that you want the medical team to contact in case of emergency.
2. Consent form and the list of potential complications.
3. Choices of hospital room, types of entertainment or service that are not covered by Provincial health care and the methods of payment.
4. After all forms are filled, a nurse will lead you to the operation room area, where you meet your gynecologist, anesthesiologist and other team members.
5. There is always a chance that a nurse will ask you the same questions again, please be patient.

If you have any questions since last evaluation, you will be given time to ask.

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